// TODO: Put Here a Comes Creative Common and more of Licensing Bla Bla which i never get Open Source or Closed Sourced .

//FIXME :Complete This DISCLAIMER : I Don’t any responsibility for being a Dummy myself and writing a for dummy text , i suppose this is called freedom of expression or something like that :p ..Read Any further on your own risk ..

//There are some better places when you want info on Marble like http://www.kdedevelopers.org/blog/551 or http://edu.kde.org/marble/

#include <Intelligent.h> //I really wish life ( read Being Intelligent :P ) was this easy

In this series i would be posting what i have till now understood about marble / it’s code …coding first requires compiling the code ,, so in that spirit i’ll tell you a secret :D i compiled Marble on Fedora 7/8/9 Open Suse 10.3/11Beta 1, Ubuntu 6 LTS (just don’t ask how ,,i had to compile qt 4.4 for it ) /8.0.4) :)

( a ) For getting marble’s code use subversion GUI software ( kdesvn , qsvn ,esvn , Tortoise svn (windows))

or on CLI  (Command Line Interface) type svn co svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/KDE/kdeedu/marble

( b ) You need to at least have Qt to compile Marble ..[qt would also requires gcc(Linux/Unix) or mingw(Windows) ]

( c ) Marble also requires cmake [windows] { Linux [OpenSuse] [Generic] [SourceCode] }

( d )Though an IDE is not necessary and as my mentor says kate is enough ;) , newbies like me love IDE … so here are some of the IDE’s you could use with qt (for Marble) .. in case IDE word is too alien to you ,, in Human speak it means a Integrated Developemnt Engine like Adobe Dreamweaver ,,, making all the coding tools in easy reach.

  1. Monkey Studio (Cross PLatform)[Not For Faint Heart , you will have to compile the IDE too ,, lol )
  2. QDevelop (Cross PLatform)
  3. Eduyak (Cross PLatform)
  4. Eclipse (Cross PLatform)
  5. Kdevelop (I Prefer KDevelop)
  6. Kate
  7. Vim
  8. Mircrosoft Visual Studio (Don’t ask , Don’t Tell :P )

after completing all these steps , now you are ready for compilations

Marble has two modes Qt Only and KDE Dependent…you need to compile Marble in one of these methods ..qt reuires only Qt

Qt Mode requires you to write

  • cmake -DQTONLY=TRUE
  • make
  • make install

and voila you have compiled Marble..

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